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Junior Savers

The Junior Savers Account is a savings plan designed with children in mind where they can learn the habit of saving, thrift and good money management.

Ordinary Deposits

This is an interest bearing savings account which facilitates the payment of Standing Orders and other financial commitments, including loan repayment

Special Fixed Deposits

This is an account that allows members to earn alternate rates of interest on lump sum deposits.

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Consolidate your credit card and all other loans into one loan with one affordable reduced monthly payment.

Find the loan that’s right for you. Explore the benefits.

Get the financial freedom you deserve. We also offer a variety of personal loans to fit your every need.

Benefits of borrowing from your credit union

You gain the benefits of  Loan Protection Insurance, Life Savings Insurance, and no arrangement fees or penalties for large lump sum repayments or early repayment.

Line of Credit

Line of Credit is a pre-approved facility, offered to members who have been with us for at least one year.


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